• Keeping children safe and secure is a top priority for good parents. There are uncountable ways to do this. More and more parents are using child GPS tracking devices for this exact reason.

  • With the growing popularity of smart phone ownership and recent advances in technology, constant connectivity has made smart home technology more affordable than ever.

  • Access and control your entire home from the IQ Panel. Turn lights on or off, activate your security system, lock and unlock doors, or adjust your thermostat.

  • You’ll be able to manage your home’s security and other electronic systems from your mobile device while you’re at home, in the office, or on the go with the latest in smart home technology.

We are PROTECTOR, your personal and private Security Company.


Systems Protector is a seller and installer of IP security cameras, NVR recorders, surveillance systems, and all other things....

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Thanks to advances in technology, software, and automation, smart home technology products make everyone’s life easier. ....

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The Protector GPS Tracker management solution is built on a platform of unprecedented software and hardware....

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Protector specializes in home security, commercial alarm systems, on-site security staffing and equipment, and more....

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"We upgraded our CCTV system to the latest offering from Systems Protector 2 years ago and have found the new solution extremely beneficial in our operating environment. It has enabled us to identify and resolve a number of student related issues and has directly resulted in the detection and resolution of property vandalism."

"Business Manager at East Auck Secondary School

"The system has been in place for over three months now and we continue to be astounded by the clarity and versatility of the equipment. We are now light years ahead of the original old DVR system you first installed for us all those years ago. The technology within this system gives our site, including the truck-stop more than thirty metres away, explicit coverage almost beyond belief and the additional integrated analogue point of sale camera provides cash-cam text which, in our opinion, gives us the perfect package.”"
Minim Veniam, nostrud.com

"We have built a strong relationship with Systems Protector over the past 10 years. We value their experience and expertise to provision security surveillance systems across our three campuses. They work very well with vendor partners to deliver solutions that suit our requirements. They are efficient and the high quality workmanship and service is appreciated. We find their objective advice invaluable when designing security solutions and selecting equipment to install. We have no hesitation in recommending Systems Protector to other organisations."
Lorem Ipsum, dolor.co.uk

Alfred and his team have been our CCTV provider for over 8 years now. We have over this time renewed and modified the system many times, with currently over 150 cameras in daily operation. We have more recently been migrating to a digital platform, with the quality and ease of use far superior to the traditional analogue system. We have maintained an excellent working relationship with Systems Protector, and would highly recommend them to others. Their professionalism, knowledge of their industry and prompt attention is second to none"
Feed Ronda, American Airline Corporate Security, Miami

A GPS tracking system can protect and monitor, your vehicle, kids and asset. The GPS tracking technology is affordable and effective.